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How it works

Attach TrackR to the stuff you value. Pair it with our easy app and use your phone to find it fast.


The free app turns your phone into a finder.


To keys, wallets, phone, bags, remotes... you get the idea.


Tap the app to find what’s lost. Misplaced your phone? Press TrackR to make it ring–even on silent mode.

Find more. Search less.

Special features

Free battery replacement

TrackR tells you when the battery is low. Order a free replacement right from the app.*

Ask Alexa

Use Amazon Alexa Skills to help you find your phone.

Crowd Locate

Rely on TrackR’s global network of app users to help you locate what’s lost.

TrackR pixel

Find anything. Even when it’s playing hide & seek.

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"I've spent many a frustrating moment trying to get out the door on time to discover I have no idea where I put my wallet and house keys.

TrackR is a huge help and takes away some of the stress of a busy day."

- Michael F.

TrackR bravo

Find anything. Even when somebody moved it.

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Partner with TrackR

Embed TrackR technology in your product to add value and protection.

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Customize for Corporate Gifts

Engrave or print your logo on TrackR and they’ll think of your brand every day.

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