TrackR Student Discount

TrackR wants students to feel like they can get more done because they're not worrying about their stuff. Keys, backpacks, wallets, tablets, laptops, headphones, or even remotes – there's so much you can lose on campus!

Find lost keys and more with TrackR

If you're spending way too much time searching for your lost keys, or just need an easy way to organize and see where you last had something, TrackR's the solution! With our simple mobile app, just tap a button to ring and find your TrackR Bluetooth tracking devices. They're the perfect smart tracking devices because they're small enough to tag all your important items, including keys, backpacks, tech gadgets, and more.

An exclusive deal!

All you deal-seeking student shoppers should take advantage of this awesome discount of 25% off your entire purchase. It's an exclusive student discount that can't be missed.

How to get your student discount

Getting your TrackR student discount is super easy. To get your student discount, just login/sign up for your free Student Beans ID (you can also sign in with Facebook or Google+ for instant access).

The TrackR student discount is available to both U.S. and most international students. 

Save time in looking for lost items so you can focus on more important things in your life!